Stay connected to Livingstone College and each other . . .


There are many ways to stay connected to Livingstone College, the National Alumni Association, and each other.

You can find out what is happening at the school by by checking out this calendar of activities, visiting the school website, staying in touch on the school’s Facebook Page and following it on Twitter. You can also keep up with sports on Twitter – LCBlueBears.

Keep up-to-date on the LCNAA and with each other on the Livingstone College Alumni Network on Linkedin.

And follow the chapter and its activities on its new Twitter Page.


Welcome to the Livingstone College W-S Alumni Chapter


A small group of alums (12-15) have met over the last three months to re-activate the W-S Alumni Chapter. In July, we organized and elected a slate officers, established committees and accepted volunteer committee members and chairpersons. 

We continue to meet on the third Monday of each month at 7 pm, currently at the Central Library in downtown W-S, unless otherwise noted.
We are excited about the chapter and have some great ideas for engaging everyone, supporting the school and its students. 
We encourage and look forward to more of you attending the chapter meetings, participating in the planning and fellowship.
If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, please let me know. We appreciate and value your input. Also, please share with others and encourage them to join us as we move forward with chapter activities.