Livingstone College 2014 CIAA Basketball Champs . . .


Livingstone College is the 2014 CIAA Basketball Champion

Southern Division Champs – 2nd year in a row

2014 CIAA Team Highest Grade Point Average Award

2014 CIAA Player of the Year Livingstone’s Mark Thomas

Celebrating after the victory!

Celebrating after the victory!

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2 thoughts on “Livingstone College 2014 CIAA Basketball Champs . . .

  1. Livingstone College Men’s basketball team not only realized a dream of the institution but also should be the poster group of the CIAA. Not only are they the highest GPA of the CIAA teams but also the champion. This is what HBCU’s must send out as the message to negate the message saying HBCU’s have outlived their usefulness as institutions producing student athletes and college graduates ready to assume their place in the global society.

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