About the Chapter

lc chapter

The Livingstone College W-S Alumni Chapter has re-activated and elected officers. The chapter has agreed to meet on the third Monday of each month at 7 pm.

Chapter members have agreed to organize and work focused on three areas initially:

Special Events Committee (the purpose is to recommend ideas and develop plans for key activities/special events and/or signature events for the chapter)

  • Chairs: Mertice Williams
  • Members of the committee include: Anthony Edmond, Natalie Harding Rev. Ferree, and Carol Poe.

Reclamation/Engagement Committee (the purpose is to develop strategies to reclaim and engage alums in the work of the chapter)

  • Chair: Sarah Alston
  • Members of the committee include: Olivia Morgan, Dorothy Wynecoff, Orlando Mitchell, Barry Williams, and Mel Bennett.

Young Alumni Committee (the purpose is to strengthen the connection and participation of young alumni, increase chapter engagement through recommend activities and opportunities).

  • Chair: Vacant

Social Media/Communication Committee (the purpose is to utilize social media and other communication forms to connect with alums to provide information, awareness and encourage engagement)

  • Chair: Nigel Alston
  • Members of the committee include: Nigel Alston

If you are interested in becoming engaged in chapter activities, serving on a committee or allowing your skills to benefit the chapter, complete the form below.


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