Join us at the Barn Dinner Theatre on July 26



The LCNAA W-S Alumni Chapter has reserved a block of seats (42) for the Barn Dinner Theatre performance, Showtime in Harlem for Saturday, July 26, 2014. We have 11 spaces remaining and invite you to join us. Confirm your seat now!

If you plan to attend, please let me know how many tickets you need and mail your check (made out to: Livingstone College W-S Alumni Chapter) to me at the address below. We hope to have a final count and all money collected by the end of June.

Showtime in Harlem is a celebration of the sights and sounds of the musical era during the Harlem Renaissance. This timeless music has never lost its relevance. This show brings back the Kings & Queens of Harlem including: Ella, Cab, Lena, and Duke, along with the amazing dance styles of the era. The 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s, when music and dance were at their best…

Here is a link to the Barn Dinner Theatre with additional information, and their menu.

  • The group rate (20 or more people) is $41.00 per adult seat, and includes the meal, show, tax and gratuity.
  • It is important to note that fewer than 20 and 8 or more increases the per seat price to $56 per person.
  • A group of 8 or more and less than 20 requires them to add $10 for a gratuity.

Nigel D. Alston I President
Winston-Salem LCNAA

249 Brooks Landing Drive, W-S, NC 27106


Kudos to The top 10 HBCUs for Alumni Giving! (Livingstone)


By Delece Smith-Barrow

The U.S. News Short List, separate from our overall rankings, is a regular series that magnifies individual data points in hopes of providing students and parents a way to find which undergraduate or graduate programs excel or have room to grow in specific areas. Be sure to explore The Short List: College and The Short List: Grad School to find data that matters to you in your college or grad school search.

Financial contributions to colleges in the U.S. rose 9 percent in 2013, and alumni can take credit for much of that increase. Of the $33.8 billion donated to higher education institutions in 2013, 26.6 percent came from alumni, according to a report from the Council for Aid to Education.

At many historically black colleges and universities, which were created to educate African-American students and are designated by the U.S. Department of Education, the average percentage of alumni giving hovers below 10 percent. But some black institutions have alumni who donate at a much higher rate, according to data submitted to U.S. News by 45 ranked institutions.

At Claflin University, for example, 43 percent of alumni donated. It had the highest two-year average of alumni giving among historically black institutions during the 2010-2011 and 2011-2012 school years.

Other schools that also had high average alumni giving rates include Tuskegee University, which had 23 percent, and Fort Valley State University, with 17.2 percent. The average rate among all 10 schools with the highest average percentages was 23.1 percent.

Albany State University had one of the lowest average percentages of alumni donations: 2.6 percent.

Below is a list of the 10 colleges and universities with the highest two-year average percentage of alumni donors. Only schools that reported alumni giving data for both 2010-2011 and 2011-2012 were included. Unranked schools, which did not meet certain criteria required by U.S. News to be numerically ranked, were not considered for this report.

1. Claflin University (SC)

2. Spelman College (GA)

3. Morehouse College (GA)

4. Tuskegee University (AL)

5. Livingstone College (NC)

6. Central State University (OH)

7. Fort Valley State University (GA)

8. University of Arkansas–Pine Bluff

9. Johnson C. Smith University (NC)

10. Tougaloo College (MS)

Thurgood Marshall College Fund Launches “I Love My HBCU” Month . . .


Thurgood Marshall College Fund Launches “I Love My HBCU” Month

Below are a few reasons why several people have stated they love HBCUs:

I LOVE my HBCU because in 1892, Dr. Simon Green Atkins made history by establishing the FIRST INSTITUTION OF HIGHER LEARNING that offered degrees in Elementary Education for African Americans in the entire WORLD!!! None other than Slater Normal Academy, now known as WINSTON-SALEM STATE UNIVERSITY!

– Veronica Bitting

I love my HBCU Livingstone College. Mr. Grady Nelson prepared me in math and Dr. Eleanora Smith gave me a love of literature. With the background I got at LC I was able to get a scholarship to Appalachian State University and after finishing my masters in math in 1969 I became their first full-time African American Instructor.

– Dr. Carolyn Anderson

I love my tobacco spittin Winston-Salem State University Rams because it is where I discovered myself! I “entered to learn” how to be a nurse but “departed to serve” in many other capacities! My initial love came in the Summer before the 8th grade during Virginia Newell’s Math and Science Academy where Mr. Johnny Sigers helped me be the leader of my Math class the following year. This is also where, the DIVA, by the name of Sarah Alston, helped me excel in my English class and became the 1st person to leave me speechless when she told my mother, “She is the epitome of a strong black woman.” I was speechless because Mrs. Alston was stern, she didn’t say much to me and since Google hadn’t been invented and I had to wait until I got home to look up the word ‘epitome’, I didn’t know if it was a good or bad thing Lol.The Health Science building is where the continued lesson of, “if you want something you’re going to have to WORK for it,” was taught. The Thompson Center, in the Registrar and Financial Aid Offices, was where I learned that: relationship building, planning ahead, following up, and the saying of, “it’s not what you know but rather WHO you know,” were all instrumental to making sure my schedule was not purged and my money was where it needed to be.

Then there’s Dr. Soncerey Montgomery who allowed me to openly express myself in her Freshman Composition Classes and encouraged me to continue writing. And who, in her Speech class (Yes, I registered for EVERY ONE of her classes), helped me find out that even though I’m an introvert, I can be a skilled extrovert when needed.

I can give you more reasons because it IS so hard to be “R A M S WHEW”

– Micha James
My HBCU (Virginia State University) gave me a sense of who I was, community, relationships, culture, survivor, growth, scholarship, and a future!!
– Donald Anthony Wheeler
I am not an HBCU grad, but there are three important ones for me: Winston-Salem State which allows me to to work with the next generation of leaders for our community; Wilberforce University, the alma mater of my niece and West Virginia State College (now University), my mother’s alma mater. For without WVSC, there would not have been Ohio University for me.
– Arthur Hardin
I love my HBCU Livingstone College. Growing up in a very small community in NC, I thought I was in a big city when I got to Salisbury. My sister was already there. My Mom had attended Livingstone so I felt a sense of heritage.I met some wonderful people whom I am still friends with. I felt like I was in a home away from home! Curfews, friendly people and teachers that treated you like you were one of their children.

Ms. Pemberton, she was tough!! She was determined that if your major was Business, you would have to know it before you made it out!

I loved all four years there and have so many wonderful memories. My education there has allowed me opportunities that I give it full credit for!

There could never be an experience greater than proudly saying I’m an Alumni of an HBCU! My Livingstone College!!

– Jackie Southerland Astrop
I could actually write a book about why I LOVE MY HBCU, LIVINGSTONE COLLEGE. First and foremost I love my LC because when I arrived my sister Pam had already been in attendance for one year. I was VERY HOMESICK, but we had each other . I grew up at my HBCU and by the GRACE AND MERCY OF GOD HE HAS ALWAYS PREVAILED IN MY LIFE!!!! I met life long friends at LC. I think of them often, especially as I am planning OUR 60th BIRTHDAY PARTY to be held during HOMECOMING weekend, 2014. OUR THEME IS, “SAY IT LOUD!!!! WE’RE 60 & WE’RE PROUD!!!!” I already have 33 committed classmates and 10 spouses/guests. I know the numbers will grow because that is how strong our bond is from our days at LC!!! I love my HBCU because I had wonderful professors; Ms. Carolyn Anderson, Mr. William Pollard, and Ms. Mattie Lakin. I always loved Math, but my heart and dream was to become a Social Worker. Mr. Pollard was the reason I continued my education and secured a Masters of Social Work after graduating from LC in 1976. I pledged DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORITY under strong wonderful BIG SISTERS. Some of those Sorors include Sarah Littlejohn Alston, Evelyn Jones McNeil, Lucinda Stroble Benjamin, Lisa Oglesby, Brenda Walls, Sharon “Keeta” Henderson, and Dellosa “Nani” Holder. I do not know where she found the time, BUT she made time for US; Ms. Anderson was also my SORORITY ADVISER. Some of my dearest friends were pledging AKA. We were friends then and we have remained friends all of these years. It will 40 years since we came off line on 4-4-74. We were the last lines to pledge for one year. I love my HBCU because that is where I met and started dating a fellow, Ronald McCleave. He majored in Business, played football and pledged Kappa Alpha Psi while I was pledging. Two years after LC graduation and 1 month after graduate school graduation we married. Two years later we bought our first house. Two years after that we had our one and only child, our daughter, Rachel Marie McCleave Poole. Like I said I could write a book about why I LOVE MY HBCU LIVINGSTONE COLLEGE………………………………………… ‘O LIVINGSTONE!!! MY LIVINGSTONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I THANK GOD FOR LIVINGSTONE COLLEGE!!!!!!!!
– Marie  Suzanne Turner McCleave 

Livingstone College 2014 CIAA Basketball Champs . . .


Livingstone College is the 2014 CIAA Basketball Champion

Southern Division Champs – 2nd year in a row

2014 CIAA Team Highest Grade Point Average Award

2014 CIAA Player of the Year Livingstone’s Mark Thomas

Celebrating after the victory!

Celebrating after the victory!

In The News



Livingstone College Concert Choir Event . . . Images

Here are a few pictures before, during and after the concert on Sunday, February 16th. More pictures to come including a group photo of all Livingstonians in attendance.


Rev. Ruff gives closing remarks


Rhon Hammond, Dr. Vickers & Mertice Williams prior to the concert


Tuning up before the concert


Jackie Astrop & Mel Bennett serve cake after the concert


Dr. Oglesby and his fan club







Jackie Astrop Recognized in High Point Safety Newsletter . . .

Featured Coordinator: Jackie Astrop

Featured Coordinator:
Jackie Astrop

Jackie is the Treasury Services Manager and has been a dedicated City employee for 40 years. She has been a safety coordinator for 6 years and also serves on the Safety Policies and Procedures Committee. Jackie says, “Being a Safety Coordinator has been a learning experience for me that has not only benefited my department, but has benefited me on safety issues in my own home. The information gathered is very useful and I get to network with a great group of employees.”

Her advice to other coordinator’s is to “continue to share information, so that we can all be more informed and proactive as coordinators. She adds, “I have enjoyed being a part of the Safety Coordinators for the City and also working on the Policy committee. I have found there is still a lot to learn about safety that we sometimes take for granted.”

In her spare time, Jackie enjoys traveling, reading and spend-ing time with her daughter Deve’ and three year old grandson Caleb.

White House Initiative Names HBCU ‘All-Stars’ . . .


The White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities (WHIHBCU) today announced its first class of HBCU All-Stars, recognizing 75 undergraduate, graduate, and professional students for their accomplishments in academics, leadership, and civic engagement.   Currently enrolled at 62 HBCUs, the All-Stars were selected from 445 students who submitted completed applications that included a transcript, resume, essay, and recommendation.

Congratulations to Livingstone College student, LaTrice Clayburn from the District of Columbia.

W-S Alumni Chapter Fellowship . . .

Chapter members and friends of Livingstone enjoy the fellowship

Chapter members and friends of Livingstone enjoy the fellowship


The W-S Alumni Chapter enjoyed an evening of fellowship, fun and good food during the first chapter meet-and-greet. Twenty-seven (27) people came out on a cold, rainy evening and enjoyed time together.

Rev. Alvin Damon led the group in prayer followed by introductions  of guests and alums. Everyone was encouraged to meet and talk with a person they didn’t know or know well and find out the following information: the other person’s name, year of graduation and a memorable moment while at Livingstone.

It was fun, informative and engaging.

Some memorable moments included:

  • experiencing a first Greek line
  • listening to a graduation speaker outside in 90 degree weather (and he spoke for 90 minutes)
  • student led strike because of bad food (the president told them to pack their bags and go home)
  • student led strike because girls wanted to wear pants (the president told them to pack their bags and go home)
  • being initiated in the band and having to line the football field (a group of girls)
  • dancing all night at a christmas dance
  • mr. livingstone two years in a row
  • singing in the choir and visiting Niagara Falls
  • and many more

It really was fun and the food was good.

The youngest participant, Meka Harrell (’03), shared information about her business and a website launch scheduled for next week in scheduled. And, Veronica Black (’69) had us all laughing as she shared a song  that reminded us of our age (those of us who are a little more mature that is). It was funny and, true. More W-S Alumni Chapter Fellowship Pictures

Meka talks about her business and the pink truck

Meka talks about her business and the pink truck


W-S Alumni Chapter Meeting, 12/16 . . .

Chapter Members After Meeting

Chapter Members After Meeting

The W-S Alumni Chapter had a great meeting to end the year on Monday, December 16, 2014.

The winner is in the box

The winner is in the box: Michael White

One of the highlights of the meeting included the drawing for the $100 gas card. Chapter members sold more than 650 tickets at $1 each and tonight pulled a winner out of the bag – thanks to Dorothy Wynecoff for doing the honors.

And the winner is: Michael White from Clinton, Md. He has been contacted and is excited about winning. He purchased a ticket at homecoming on 11/2. He can use the gas card now, he said. He is a ’83 graduate of Livingstone and a member of Omega Psi Phi.

Congratulations, Michael, and thanks to everyone who purchased a ticket.


We had excellent committee reports and have some exciting events, activities planned;

On Friday, January 10, 2014 we will host a meet-and-greet for the chapter members, family and friends  at Lone Star Steakhouse starting at 6 pm. Please plan to join us, fellowship, eat a good meal and get to know each other better.

Thanks to the reclamation/engagement committee for taking the lead and planning the event.

On Sunday, February 16, 2014 we will host the Livingstone College Concert Choir for a Black History Month performance at 4 PM at Goler Metropolitan AME Zion Church.

Thanks to the special events committee for their work in planning the event. We are planning to pack the church and spread the word locally and throughout the area.

Here is the group around the table engaged and excited about the possibilities.

W-S Chapter Meeting

W-S Chapter Meeting